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Baby Change Tables : Countertop Mounted

A baby change table is an essential item in every parent room and commercial bathroom, just ask any parent or caregiver.

They are primarily a convenience item to help make both parent and baby’s life easier and it also gives the parent’s a space to change their baby in private.

A day out with an infant can be a struggle and requires planning – providing inclusive and adequate bathroom / parents room that caters to the child will often be the deciding factor in a parents’ decision when choosing a place to visit.

Baby change tables can’t just be an afterthought either. They need to not only be adequate and convenient, but they need to provide safety, so just adding a basic table into a bathroom won’t be enough.

To choose the right baby change table, you need to consider these top 3 things:

  1. Space
  2. Design
  3. Safety features


Yes, space is essential with placement of the baby change table. Although, retrofitting a baby change table after the bathroom is already built is possible, it’s best to plan the baby change table installation during the design phase of the bathroom fit out.

Whether you’re choosing to add the baby change table in a toilet, disabled toilet or parent room, consider the placement. Is there enough space around the baby change table so the parent can comfortably move around it to change their child? Is there enough distance between a door or toilet stall so others can utilise the bathroom also? Can a trolley or pram fit in the same space when the baby change table is in use? Is the baby change table easily accessible? Does there need to be more bench space next to the baby change table, so the parent can quickly access their nappies and wipes?

Ensure you consider all these factors when designing the bathroom space as all patrons will appreciate a thought out changing area.


There are various styles of baby change tables available, so design is important when choosing the right baby change table for your space.

Would the room benefit from a vertical change table because space is an issue? Or perhaps a horizontal one is preferred? Will you provide baby liners? If so, you might want to buy a baby change table that has a compartment for liners or a separate unit to be installed next to the table? Recessed baby change tables are also something to consider as a space saver. Parents are often in a rush when they are changing their children and so providing a baby change table that can be opened with one hand is helpful.

After thinking it through you may release you don’t have the wall space for a huge table, what to do then? Consider using a countertop mounted change table. Again saving space but still assuring mothers of ease and safety with a baby belt to secure the energy-filled babies.

Safety Features

Consider all the safety feature the baby change table offers. Does it have a safety strap? Is it concave, so the baby can’t roll out? Does the baby change table comply with Australian safety standards? Is it made out of durable materials? Does the baby change table include safety instructions? Make sure you’re buying the very best baby change table to suit your needs, the parent’s and the baby’s.

We stock an extensive range of baby change tables which comply with Australian standards.

Chat with our friendly customer service team and we’ll help you find the right baby change table and accessories for your needs. Free delivery on all baby change tables Australia wide!


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