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Dry hands at sink in 12 seconds

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Product Information

* Item number - AB10 - Long

Key Features:
* One of the world's smallest 1600w motors
* Improve your washroom's safety: drying your hands at the tap means there is no need to move to a separate drying area, thus avoiding dripping water on the phone
* 12 second drying time
* Hygienic
* Costs less to run (vs hand towels)
* Reduce your impact on the environment

Product Data:

Electrical -
* Input voltage/Frequency: 220-253V 50 Hz
* Rated power: 1600 W
* Motor type: Dyson digital motor - brushless DC Motor
* Motor switching rate: 6,000 per second
* Motor speed: 90,000 rpm
* Operating temperature range: 0deg - 40degC
* Heater type: None
* Standby power consumption: Less than 0.5 W

Construction -
* Tap construction: Stainless steel (brushed)
* Under counter motor assembly construction: Moulded ABS (main unit)
* Exterior screw type: Torx T15
* Water ingress protection to IP35

Filter -
* HEPA filter (glass fibre and fleece prelayer)
* Bacteria removal 99.9%

Operation -
* Touch-free infra-red activation
* Hand dry time measurement: 12 seconds (Measurement based on National Sanitation Foundation Protocol P.335)
* Operation lock-out period: 30 seconds
* Airspeed at apertures: 430 mph
* Operating airflow: Up to 30 l/s

Water operation -
* Water flow rate: 4 l/min
* Tap Aerator: Aerated water outlet
* Tap power supply: Mains supply
* Water temperature control: Thermostatic mixer recommended (not supplied)
* Water pressure required: 1-8 Bar

Logistics -
* Net weight: AB09 4.3kg; AB10 4.6kg; AB11 9.0kg
* Packaged weight: AB09 5.7kg; AB10 6.1kg; AB11 11.4kg
* Tap dimensions: 308mm H x 295mm W x 281mm D
* Motor bucket dimensions: 262mm H x 141mm W x 189mm D
* Minimum 100mm installation clearance from floor
* Packaged dimensions: AB10 H276 x W437 x D280 mm

Sink specification -
* The Dyson Airblade Tap is compatible with most sink types.
* Ensure plugs are not installed in the sinks.
* Sink dimensions: All sink measurements are internal unless stated otherwise.
Width of sink - Minimum: 350mm, Front to back - Minimum: 300mm, Depth of sink - Minimum: 100mm
* Maximum depth of sink for AB10 only: 200mm (External measurement of vessel sink).
* Sink materials: Sinks with highly polished surfaces should be avoided e.g. shiny chrome. Porcelain or brushed metal are ok to use. When multiple taps are installed side-by-side, tap centres should be a minimum of 580mm apart.

Standard guarantee -
* 5 year guarantee


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AB10 Long Spout 0.00 (kgs) Satin Nickel

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Long Spout Satin Nickel


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