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Food Packaging : Greaseproof Paper

Food, glorious food! Food is more than just something that nourishes us, it’s a way to share culture, language and creativity. Transporting, preserving and ensuring hygiene with food packaging is what helps to sustain food so we can continue to enjoy it.

It’s hard to imagine life without food packing now. It plays a vital role in the preservation of foods in so many environments and without it our foods would expire a lot quicker increasing the risk of food poisoning and food waste.

Industries such as hospitality depend on quality food packaging to preserve their ingredients. Without the right food packaging the hospitality and food industry wouldn’t exist.

Food packing such as cling wrap needs to be a high quality, it needs to be flexible to cover different surfaces and materials, while at the same time allow the contents to breath. Often cling wrap needs to be microwave proof as well for hospitality use.

Aluminium foil plays a huge role in the food industry. As a food packaging tool, it is relied upon to ensure food is covered but keep warm, all at the same time allowing the contents to breach. Aluminium foil is good to cover baking trays in ovens as it helps to decrease mess within the oven. Foil is also recyclable, all you need to do it collect all aluminium foil and scrunch it up into a decent sized ball and throw it into the recyclable bin, helping the environment!

Baking paper or cooking paper is another important type of food packaging because it helps to stop food from sweating and absorbing grease. It’s a must when baking, eliminating the need for butter, cooking spray or butter, and can often be an alternative to aluminium foil.

We stock a variety of food packaging in multiple lengths including the stretch and seal cling wrap with the zip slide cutter and the easy pick pre-cut foil sheets as well a selection of other food packaging and catering supplies like deli sheets and slap sheets.

Food storage is also an important step in ensuring your food is keep safe and no cross-contamination occurs. Microwavable and frezzer-safe containers, paper and foam take away containers for catering and desserts and colour-coded containers are readily available on Washroom Accessories. Don’t hesitate to explore the website for our huge range of options to suit your needs.

Simply shop online or call us today for the very best deals on your food packing orders.


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