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ABC is an Australian owned and managed major tissue product company. They are at the forefront of environmental sustainability, and use environmentally friendly materials and processes to keep Australia cleaner and greener. Their recycled tissue paper has the fastest possible breakdown and manufactured through chlorine-free processes with all wastewater and solid waste material recycled. ABC is committed to exceeding expectations of quality, and set new standards of quality and value across many categories. 



"More Choice. More Care."
Alltissue has you covered from top to bottom with their wide range of high quality disposable paper products. Alltissue bring ethical and ecological alternatives to the Australia tissue market for all of your disposable paper needs. Their dispensers, paper rolls and other paper products are manufactured from recycled pulp and other materials and more efficient manufacturing processes and optimized to perform using the least amount of paper.



To meet the growing demands of the Australia hospitality industry, Alvdo have designed and developed a creatively branded range of guest accessories to meet the needs, trends and high expectations of guests of Australian hotels. Alvdo are dedicated to helping you provide the ultimate experience for your guests with their range of personal accessories that will leave your clientele feeling pampered and encouraged to return.



Arc Vision is a brand of Steeldrill. Steeldrill is a well-established business committed to providing the highest quality standards for safety products. Arc Vision is a range of stylish designed eye protection to cater to all applications in the construction industry.


Astrawalker is an Australian independent-family owned bathroom manufacturer offering high quality products, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that epitomises heritage and tradition. Their tapware, shower and accessory collections encompass a broad range of contemporary and classical designs which feature bespoke materials and finishes that are crafted to the highest standard, making your vision come to life.


The home of inspired bathroom innovations. For over a decade, Avenir's unparalled range of Australian-made Bathroom Accessories will exceed your expectations. Placing an emphasis on functionality and design, each product like their Hybrid Heated Towel Ladders are carefully engineered and crafted to offer the utmost in quality, positioning them at the forefront of fine bathroomware. 


Designed and tested in Australia, Bailey Hand Trucks are developed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Bailey is so confident in the quality of their hand trucks and accessories that they are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. This range of hand trucks are the only ones on the market that have a pivoting and locking axle allowing you to carry heavier loads with less effort.


An expert combination of aesthetics, functionality and a subtle touch of luxury that will make your kitchen never look the same again. Created by Melbourne molecular biologist, Dr. Natasha Malkov, the BARKLEY BASICS range embraces the Scandinavian design rationale perfectly to simplify life's choices. Each product is affordable, functional and stylish with a unique uniformity enabling you to easily create and style a kitchen with little thought or fuss. 



Best Buys is an exclusive brand to Washroom Accessories, giving you the customer the best price online guaranteed. We buy in bulk so that we can pass the savings onto you. Make sure you keep an eye out on Best Buys for exclusive deals and unbeatable prices which change every month. Be quick because limited stocks apply only.


Proudly Australian made and designed, Billi is a leading supplier and manufacturer of superior quality washroom systems and drinking water. The brilliant functionality, eco-technology features and timeless aesthetics of their award winning chilled and boiling water systems make them a trusted option for residential and commercial kitchens. 



BOBRICK helps builders better serve their patrons and assists design professionals in bringing their vision to life by offering value-orientated and well-designed toilet partitions and restroom accessories. They are an industry leader, offering speciality products which deliver high-end, coordinated aesthetics, improved hygiene, compliance, sustainability and operating costs.


Proudly Australian owned for over 50 years, Bradley is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and competitively prices commercial washroom equipment and hotel, or residential, bathroom accessories. Bradley goes by the mantra of customized experience, and over the years they have sought to meet the individual needs and unique requirements of clients and their projects. We have access to the entire Bradley range, so if there is something you are after let us know!



Halo is a brand of Bradley Corp, a company that features the industry's leading assortment of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories. Halo is the range of Safety Fixtures, featuring the eye/face wash that provides the most effective and fastest relief in the industry. The Halo range provides the most wash down coverage for your face and body of any model on the market.



Brady identifies and protects products, people, and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety & facility identification, spill control, lockout tagout solutions and more. Brady helps you create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory standards. Their high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.


With over 50 years of experience, Brodware brings complete commitment to advanced engineering, timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship to kitchens, bathrooms and selected spaces worldwide. Made and designed in Australia, Brodware has a all-inclusive selection of over 20 collections, featuring 40-plus finishes to suit any space you design. With a combination of cutting-edge technology, quality artisian and the finest materials select Brodware for achitectural products that are beautiful and reliable.



Calfarme is a leader in washroom hygiene, directing their entire product range towards an environmentally route in a trend-setting approach that doesn't use polluting or hazardous chemicals. Calfarme's Biocleaning range gives users fresh and clean smelling washroom facilities without causing harm to the environment.



In 1993, California Scents was founded when they launched the first organic fragrance oil in recyclable cans. Since then, they have grown into a global provider of high quality and natural air freshening products for the home, office and automobile. Today they are a leading manufacturer of natural air fresheners, and each scent had been handcrafted with an environmentally approach.



After 7 decades of business with innovation the main focus, Caroma has grown in to an iconic Australia bathroom brand. Throughout the years, Caroma has continued to be dedicated to their commitment to convey a fresh and world-class Australian style, and will carry on creating products that are simple in form but are of the highest quality. From the latest interior trends to reflecting your individual style, find inspiration for your bathroom with Caroma.



Australia's leading brand in single use food packaging. A core value of Castaway is innovation and the desire to create value for customers, and results in continual product improvement. Over the past 35 years, Castaway's product range has grown from garbage bags to over 1000 products, including paper and plastic cups, food containers, wrapping materials, napkins and more.



Chux offers an extensive range of cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge, whether it be general cleaning or more targeted to your kitchen or bathroom. No matter what your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess, Chux has something for you. Chux continues to develop new products and cleaning ideas to save you money and time.


Since 1941, CLARK'S like-minded collaborators and in-house design team have engineered and designed in Australia refreshingly smart and simple products to bring enjoyment and pleasure to your every day. Offering a vast range of affordable products for your laundry, kitchen and now bathrooms, CLARK will help make your renovation journey and living space more fun and loveable.


For over a century, CLOROX has prioritised in creating and optimising professional cleaners for all your needs. Where clean means everything, CLOROX has reinvented the commercial cleaning industry, protecting people and the environment with proven commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions.


For over 35 years CASTAWAY's products have been at the forefront of the foodservice industry for their innovation. Introducing their COSTWISE range which offers cost effective, sustainable and reliable all-purpose cups ideal for offices, catering, takeaways and events. This COSTWISE range has been tailored to meet customer needs so that they can continue to create true value for their customers


Since inception, we have been committed to formulating and manufacturing high standard cleaning and hygiene chemicals and have dealt exclusively with our distributor network for the hospitality, cleaning and industrial markets. Our ultimate goal has always been to support and offer significant value-add to our distributors, to form a partnership based on truly understand their needs and forming tailored solutions.



Con-Serv is an industry leading company with their design flexibility in meeting plumbing requirements. Con-Serv's product range consists of over 2,500 items from environmentally friendly showers and heath care products to commercial bathroom accessories. We have access to the whole Con-Serv range, so let us know if there is something you are after!



For over 70 years, Deb have been establishing skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors. Deb provides innovative skin care programmes that maximize employee participation through carefully devised, reliable skin care systems, supported by quality products that are both pleasant to use and cost effective.



For over decades, Depend have been a valuable resource for Australians and New Zealanders living with incontinence including professional carers, family and friends. Depend has worked closely with healthcare experts delivering a tailored range of absorbent undergarments which include fitted briefs and underwear that offers discreet and reliable protection. Helping you find complete comfort and confidence as an alternative to typical adult diapers.



DoAbility is Australian owned and operated, and have been making lives easier by providing an opportunity for all to be independent with their range of healthcare equipment for aged care and paediatric needs. Throughout the growth of the business, DoAbility understand the desire for everyone to be treated as normally as possible and have maintained their passion to enhance participation, independence and the quality of life.


An Australian bathware brand that has been at the forefront of tapware innovation since 1948. Dorf delivers premium tapware and accessories which carefully combines reliability, finessed looks and thoughtful engineering to Australian kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. With the latest innovations in water saving technology, Dorf delivers exceptional water experiences the Australian way which guarantees minimal water usage without the compromise on performance.


"Convenience comes from the ability to find the right solution from a single source". The principle that drives the dormakaba business. Since Dorma Australia joined forces with Kaba Australia in 2016, together they now stand for more than 150 years of reliability and security. Dormakaba offers single components as well as customised integrated solutions and are renowned for their expertise in the area of secure and smart access solutions.


Dyson is renowned as one of the most outstanding manufacturers of small appliances in the world. With the miraculous work of James Dyson, igniting an innovation and industry-changing engineering evolution. From the invention of the bagless vacuum cleaner to now an ever-growing team of scientists and engineers, they continue to advance the possibilities of domestic appliances including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, lights and hair dryers.


Edco brand products are Australia's fastest growing commercial cleaning, janitorial and food service products. The Edco range consists of over 1,000 products, and the one thing that hasn't changed since Edco products started being produced 70 years ago is their focus on delivery the best quality product and service.



Elyse offer a range of products to suit your specific needs, from their executive and luxury ranges through to their eco range. The Elyse range offers excellent value for money that will definitely save you money. Elyse implement and utilize responsible operations and management practices and are committed to protecting the environment. We have access to the whole Elyse range.


"Protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions". This principle is what guides ENPAC, priding itself on being a reliable last line of defense between pollutants and the planet. ENPAC is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic spill protection, containment and control products. Offering the world's largest, most comprehensive spill prevention product line tailored to your unique needs. 


They've been bringing big ideas about the little things to Australian households since 1966.



Halyard, formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care provide the essentials that give you the confidence to focus to providing the best support and care for your patients. Halyard is chosen by health professionals all around the world because of the essential tools, resources and support that comes with every one of the Halyard products. Halyard offers solutions that simplify your workflow and therefore strengthening your ability to serve customers with the best care and support.



IDC Medical are one of the few companies in Australia that specialize in medical waste disposal products and sharps containers. IDC Medical has a large range of sharps and Cytotoxic waste disposal units to suit the needs of your medical practice or hospital. When designing and developing these units, IDC Medical took into consideration the input of medical professionals, and as a result have developed waste containers that are safe, secure and allow you to effectively dispose of contaminated waste.



Jasol is a market leader in the Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions industry, and serve a wide range of sectors from hospitality to food & beverage, retail food, healthcare and more. Jasol are passionate about developing innovative new cleaning and hygiene solutions and provide an extensive range for the best possible outcome for customers.



The JD Macdonald range allows customers to choose from hundreds of washroom accessories to best suit their needs. The development of JD Macdonalds range has continued to expand, growing into a range of unique, Australian designed items that emphasize aesthetic, functionality and sustainability. In 2008, JD Macdonald also introduced new variations to the childcare equipment range, and new bathroom accessory collections to their already well establish range so there is something for everyone.



Kimberly-Clark Professional partners with businesses to create Exceptional Workplaces* helping to make them safer, healthier and more productive. With brands including Kleenex, Scott, Kimtech, Jackson Safety, Kimcare, Wypall and Kleenguard



A division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Koala Kare Products is the world's most recognized brand of Baby Changing Stations and commercial childcare products. From Baby Changing Stations to Child Protection Seats and High Chairs, Koala Kare has been the world's leading provider of innovative and safe childcare products for over 25 years. This range of products helps public establishments to accommodate the needs of caregivers and their children.



As the name implies, Madinoz is Made in Oz. As manufacturers of a continually expanding comprehensive range of architectural door hardware and bathroom accessories, their ability to work closely with architects, designers and developers had allowed Madinoz to evolve with the market. Inspired by design, innovation and functionality, Madinoz combines modern technology with handcrafted tradition to provide an extensive range of high quality products at a great price.



Manufactures and commercializes a wide range of public washroom equipment and accessories for the purpose of providing overall solutions based on products with an innovative design and high performance



Mediflex is a firmly established manufacturer, importer and distributer of a vast range of products, including gloves and general medical and industrial consumables to a large range of industries, including health, aged care, dental, cleaning, food preparation and automotive. Mediflex aims to provide high quality products at fair prices and ensure you have the right product for what you are doing.



Metlam is an Australian owned and managed company specialising in the manufacture of contemporary, affordable and quality washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware for the commercial and residential facilities.



No Vac is a brand of WD-40. No Vac is a range of commercial and household chemicals that makes it easy for you to keep your home, work environment and car fresh and clean. Available in 3 different ranges, No Vac is designed to help around the home, in the car and with pets, as well as being available in a professional range for more frequent use. With just a quick spray of the No Vac foam, the quick-drying foam penetrates into carpet fibres and instantly neutralizes any unsavoury smells, making the No Vac range a necessity in any household. Shop the whole No Vac range here at Washroom Accessories.



The RBA Group brands dominate their market and, in terms of recognition and market penetration, are among the most successful in the world. Bobrick, Acorn, Koala Kare, Avac Australia, Kristallux, Docol & Big John are all part of the RBA Group Family of Products



RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products. Today, Rubbermaid Commercial Products continues to expand into product categories where brands matter and customers place a premium on innovation and offers the market a more substantial product offering, and best-of-breed business practices as a strong, successful partner.



Products are unique and will make a positive difference to the appearance of your stainless steel.



Solvol for tough dirt and grime is the heavy-duty hand cleaner that's ideal for cleaning ingrained dirt, grease, oil, paint, ink and solvents



Steeldrill is a wholesaler of industrial safety and medical hardware products, including an extensive range of gloves. is committed to the highest quality standards.



Superquip is a family owned and operated business based in New Zealand, with over 30 years of extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of safety products for bathrooms to assist in the health and aged care sectors. Superquip's range of accessible toilet and disabled bathroom products have all been designed with accessibility, safety and quality in mind, whilst also be stylish and functional.



Sold under Asaleo care, Tork is a leading global personal care and hygiene company. Asaleo Care manufactures, markets and distributes consumer products across the feminine hygiene, incontinence hygiene, baby hygiene, consumer tissue and professional hygiene product categories across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. 


Setting the industry standard, Visualise was the first in Australia to provide a 3 year guarantee as well as a Certificate of Compliance with every Braille and tactile sign in their standard range. Committed to creating the best possible product for the end user, Visualise is the insisted Braille and Tactile signs choice for designers, decision makers and architects Australian wide.


Company encompasses a group of brands featuring a full range of high performance products. Spanning maintenance, specialty, and cleaning products for all corners of the industrial realm, enthusiasts, hobbyists and home. Above and beyond that is it's legendary, signature blue and yellow can which is instantly recognisable worldwide.


"Best practice" are two words Whiteley takes very seriously. Founded in 1933,Whiteley became the first Australian company to specialise in Sanitation Chemicals and ever since are a reliable source for healthcare facilities all over Australia and worldwide. Whiteley ensures their customers get the best quality fit for purpose products they require and have therefore progressively developed a complete range of disinfectants, pest control chemicals, cleaning products, deodorants and insecticides.


Strongly reputable for continuously offering the ultimate solution for users faced with a perpetually changing an environment. Wonder Grip is committed to examining the quality of its products, at each and every stage on a daily basis. Redefining the very notion of hand protection, Wonder Grip's range of solutions is permanently emerging to deliver optimal comfort and over and above protection to all users.


Work N Play bring together over 50 years of experience in sportswear, uniforms and wholesaling industries on one simple philosophy - A Fair Price for Quality.



Premium quality antibacterial wipes with specifically formulated disinfectant made to erase germs and bacteria to help prevent the spread of flu, colds, and various contagious infections. Their lab tested bacterial wipes and wipe dispensers can be relied upon to keep your gyms, office or home clean. 



A multifaceted wiper that is durable enough to handle, scrub and remove all adhesives, oils and debris to easily perform general cleaning tasks. With their new Reach system range, Wypall enables you and everyone you work with to get the job done.



Zip Water is a privately owned Australian Business that has specialised in making instant water systems since 1947. With award winning technology positioning them at the forefront of the freshwater revolution. They offer spectacular products like their HydroTap on the market which are an asset to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. 


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