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When it comes work, health and safety is major priority and preparation is the key.

Knowing that you can maintain a high level of hygienic protection is important for yourself, the patient, the task and will also give you peace of mind.

Medical supplies are easily available, but ensuring you have good quality medical supplies will guarantee a better level of safety.

Medical supplies are necessary in every workplace whether you travel for work or work onsite. You should never compromise yourself or the patient with basic low quality medical supplies.

At Washroom Accessories, we stock a huge range of high-quality medical supplies at very reasonable prices.

From disposable gloves and dispensers, hair nets, disposable shoe covers, medical gowns and disposable bed sheets, we can help you find the right medical supplies for your industry.

Our medical supplies stock can cater for various work environments such as hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, cleaning, hospitality, retail, commercial or industrial sites where there is a potential risk to the exposure of contaminants or hazardous chemicals.

Our medical supplies are available in various colours, styles, strengths and quantities to suit multiple industries and protect you, staff and patients.

We also offer first aid equipment and can assist in refilling first aid kit supplies ready to ship out to you today.

To find out more about what medical supplies we offer, check out our online catalogue, or if you are after a particular medical supply product, simply call 1300 662 683 and chat to one of our friendly team members who can help find the right medical supplies.

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  • Mediflex


    Disposable Waterproof Plastic Apron
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  • Steeldrill


    White Polyethelene Disposable Aprons
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