Washroom Accessories

Promotion Codes and Discounts

At Washroom Accessories, we are dedicated to supporting our returning customers and wholesale partners.

So to do our bit, we offer extra discounts for their loyalty and customership.

If you have a promotion code simply enter the code when you review your shopping cart and upon validation, your extra discount will apply ON TOP of the already discounted prices of the items you selected. For example:


Now just continue the order process, and enjoy even better prices from Washroom Accessories

If you don’t have a code, feel free to contact our customer service team on 1300 662 683 with your application and our staff will see what can be arranged. To obtain a discount code you need to have 3 past processed orders. To keep our system loading fast old orders are archived so if you can provide orders numbers this helps to quicken the process.


Need large quantities and want a better price? Contact our office on 1300 662 683 and our customer service team will quote you our best possible price.

Any discount code becomes invalid when our office is doing a quote or a price beat for a customer.