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Simple hand care is essential to germ prevention and elimination, and hand care begins with washing your hands! Providers of public bathrooms have a responsibility to provide adequate hand care products and it starts with soap and soap dispensers.

Ensuring you have the right dispenser in your commercial bathroom will improve protection against germs. But, what is the right dispenser?

The short answer is any dispenser is the right dispenser. However, with so many on the market, which one is right for your purpose?

To help you decide we would recommend these dispensers for the following bathroom spaces.


If you need to fit out bathrooms for shopping centres, service stations, or entertainment spaces, then really any soap dispenser will work. It depends on the type of soap you want to provide which will determine what type of dispenser will need to be used. A popular choice is the basin mounted soap dispenser and bulk refill dispensers because less refills will save time for you and your cleaners. Both options are available in liquid soap and foam soap options.

Food and beverage

This industry could benefit from a foaming dispenser – chefs, waitresses, cooks and caterers need to constantly clean their hands so something that is quick and easy to access would is ideal. A sensor operated soap dispenser would be ideal for this industry to further improve hygiene conditions, further eliminating contamination and spreading of bacteria.


If you’re looking at soap dispensers for any medical space such as a clinic, hospital or disability service, then an easy-to-use dispenser is best. Take a look at the no touch/sensor soap dispensers it makes accessing the soap easy for people with mobility issues or people who can’t press the dispenser button easily. Plus, there is no residue left on the dispenser ensuring hygiene in spaces that are susceptible to contamination.


Construction and building sites require more robust soap dispensers. Grit or stainless steel soap dispensers would be ideal because they are highly durable which is perfect for a tradie environment. Girt soap dispensers also are great for mechanics and handyman to remove those tough greasy stains.


Providing adequate hand care products is important in an office people, but so is design. All staff need to feel comfortable with using the bathroom as they will use it regularly. A recessed soap dispenser or basin mounted dispenser is a good option because it is space saving. Sanitiser dispensers are also recommended for around the office to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Parks and Beaches

Public spaces like beaches and parks are likely to only have minimal maintenance during opening hours, so if you’re designing for a washroom like this, a simple plastic, stainless steel, foaming or larger volume soap dispenser will be the best option. If it will be near salt water oceans or lakes make sure to use a 316 stainless steel soap dispenser or a plastic model to avoid rust.

Child care

A way to get children interested in hand care is to make it fun! Foaming dispensers are a good option because it’s a bunch of tiny bubbles being squirted onto their hands! It’s a fun approach to an essential step in bathroom routines. It will also helps to keep costs down as kids will quickly become bored with the foam soap and won’t waste so much.

Remember, this is just a guide to what works in different spaces, but you can choose whatever soap dispenser you think will work for you design. There are so many to choose from, various colours, shapes, styles, models and materials.

If you need any help with finding the right soap dispenser to fit your bathroom, chat to our staff today on 1300 662 683.

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  • Bradley


    Easy to install! To install securely to wall with the mounting screws and holes provided
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  • Deb


    Foam pump technology is rigorously tested for high usage environments
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  • Jasol


    Heavy Duty Grit Hand Soap Dispenser
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  • Kimberly Clark


    Liquid Soap systems offer proven quality formulas to clean and care for your skin. Refills with the 9535 Hand Cleanser
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  • Solvol


    4.5 Litre Industrial Grit Solvol Soap or Compact 500ml option
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