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Toilet Paper : Compact Jumbo Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is an essential comfort item is a necessity in every bathroom.

Choosing what type of toilet paper comes down to four things:

Toilet roll dispenser

Do you use a single paper holder or a multi-paper holder? Or perhaps a mini or jumbo holder would be more convenient?

Toilet paper types

Toilet paper is available in one to three ply toilet paper sheets. Plus, there is also eco-friendly paper types that is fragrance and ink free.

Different paper types will break down at different rates and it often depend on the size of the pipes. Older bathrooms and portaloos will possibly have smaller pipes, so they may need one to two ply sheets.

Customer type

Understanding the customer type that will be occupying the bathroom will help to make the right toilet paper purchase.

If the paper is for high traffic such as a shopping centre, then a larger one or two ply toilet paper sheet will be easiest to use and breaks down faster when flushed.

In an office with a smaller amount of foot traffic two to three ply would be ideal and the paper provides more comfort.


What’s your comfort level requirements? Three ply paper provides the most comfort as it’s thicker and generally softer.

The two ply toilet paper is comfortable and will fit in a majority multi-paper dispensers.

One ply paper is the most convenient because it’s easy to use and breaks down quickly.

Overall, with the various types of toilet paper available on the market it simply comes down to your preference and need.

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