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Toilet Roll Holders : Compact Jumbo Toilet Roll Holder

The difference between a good bathroom and a great bathroom is convenience, providing all the necessities so someone can use the bathroom with minimal hassle. We all remember a bad experience and not a good one, right?

It’s the small, yet simple things that add to the convenience such as making sure you install the correct toilet roll holder for the stall space. Something that is easily accessible and easy to reach, something that is easy to use, something durable, hygienic, practical and overall provides convenience to the user.

With so many toilet roll options on offer, which one is best for you? Great question! Let’s work through a few ideas to help you find the right fit for your design.

Single roll holders – Perfect for a small traffic area such as child and age care facilities. Single roll holders take up minimal space and can often come in a variety of styles and materials, so you’re not limited by design choice. Option these smaller holders are compliant to Australian Standards for Accessible Bathrooms.

Dual and multi-roll holders – A great option for mid to high traffic areas especially in shopping centres, public park facilities, large offices and entertainment venues. There’s  nothing worse than your customers complaining about toilet paper running out in a busy period. The dual and multi-roll holders will come in various materials and can often come in transparent plastic, so you can be aware of the paper consumption.

Interleaved dispensers – This type of dispenser is good for portaloos and public facilities where one sheet paper is ideal due to the turnover of people to the venue. Interleaved allows the user to quickly and conveniently pull the paper out individually decreasing over use of paper.

Lockable / anti-theft dispensers – This is the ideal choice for sites where there is high traffic, low security or minimal maintenance throughout the bathroom’s opening hours. Having a lock or anti-theft dispenser acts as a deterrent for criminal or anti-social activity, but another advantage is a high level of hygiene is maintained due to the minimal contact with the paper.

Jumbo roll holders – Great for high traffic areas where minimal maintenance during opening hours is needed. The jumbo roll holder generally doesn’t take up too much room in the bathroom stall, is easy to use, refillable and can often come as a double for that extra capacity. The holders can also be retrofitted if you ever need to upgrade toilet roll holders.

Mini jumbo roll holder – the name says it all. This is the younger cousin of the Jumbo roll holder and is the best fit for mid to high traffic areas. They are great options for areas such as hospitals, shopping centres or public spaces where there will be regular maintenance during opening hours.

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